Moderation Redefined

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For a full list of features, check our commands


m!info: Shows all commands and info.

m!stats: Shows the bot statistics

m!settings: Shows your servers log settings.

m!user: Shows information about a user.

m!avatar: Shows a users avatar.

m!roleall: Role all humans or bots in the server.

m!suggest: Sends a suggestion to add to the bot for voting.

m!ping: Checks the bots ping time.

m!server: Shows all information about your server.

m!tag: m!tag create/delete title text, or m!tag title

m!role: With Role: Shows information about a role.

m!role: With Mention: Lets you edit or view a users roles.

m!viewas: Shows the channels that a member can see.

m!verify: Lets users verify in your server.

m!setverify: Sets the role given when you m!verify. Name or ID.

m!mail: Creates a modmail ticket if set up.

m!prefix: Shows the bots prefix. Use @ if unknown.

m!setprefix: Sets the bots prefix. You can always @ the bot.


m!warn: Warns a member.

m!clear: Clears messages from a channel

m!kick: Kicks a member.

m!softban: Soft bans a member.

m!ban: Bans a member.

m!unban: Unbans a member.

m!purge: Deletes messages in the channel.

m!punish: Punishes a user.

m!setlog: Sets the servers log channel.

m!ignore: Stops logging users, roles and channels provided.

m!ignored: Shows the ignored users, roles and channels.

m!stafflog: Sets the staff log channel for reports and messages.

m!auto: Lets you edit your server automations.

m!modmail: Shows the setup for the mail command.


m!slowmode: Sets the channel slowmode.

m!lock: Locks the channel. Applies slowmode and stops messages being sent.

m!unlock: Unlocks the channel. Slowmode is removed and messages can be sent.


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