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Lots of friends?

You probably don't have 50 friends - But if you did, you can play with every one of them at the same time

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2000+ cards

Enjoy games with over 2000 cards, written for you to insult others

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Customise every setting of your game and be as pedantic as you wish

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Patience is a virtue

But you don't have a lot of it - Your friends may be slow at picking cards, but you don't have to live with it

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Replace your worst cards with new ones because "The bot is unfair and always gives me the worst cards and everyone else is better at the game than me"


$getprefix: Shows the bots prefix in the current guild.

$info: View some information about the bot's owners.

$stats: Shows the bot's current statistics.

$ping: Gets the current response time of the bot.

$terms: List all the terms and conditions for the bot.

$setlanguage: Set what language you want to use for your packs.

$packs: Shows a list of packs available in your language.

$play: Starts the game.

$join: Joins an active game in the channel. This can be during the 1m period when starting a game, or midway through.

$leave: Removes the player who ran it from the current game in that channel.

$shuffle: Reshuffles your cards.

$end: Ends the current game in that channel.

$help: Shows all commands


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Invite GPS to your server